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    Volunteer Info/ Job Descriptions:

    Listed below is a brief description of the volunteer positions that need to be filled for every meet. None of the jobs are especially difficult and simple training is provided as needed; however, some of the positions do require attending special training sessions and some positions are better suited for our more experienced swim parents (ready bench, for example). If you are brand new to summer league swim team, the jobs of timer, runner, set up, take down, heating trainee, and concessions are good places to start out volunteering.


    Officials will be needed to officiate at the away meets. They will work rotate in with the home team.              

    Timing Manager               

    As a timing manager you are responsible for making sure all lane timers are given team watches and be sure that people who have signed up for each timing session are in place. Check off volunteers on provided sheet and turn in after the meet to Board member.

    Lane Timer

    Records the swimmer’s time. Each timer is provided a stopwatch and assigned a lane; there are three timers for each lane. All three times are recorded and the middle time becomes the official time. Timers are assigned in 2 hour segments. This job gives you the best view of the pool and the swimmers during their races.

    Pool Area Set Up

    Volunteers will finish pool set up for the meet, which will include the snack bar, team tent, heating area, starting blocks, back stroke flags, etc.

    Burrito Transporter

    This person will coordinate with the Snack Bar Manager in the pick up of the breakfast burritos for the meet! You will be required to go pick up the burritos at the designated restaurant, pay with your own credit card (but be reimbursed by the team treasurer) and then bring the burritos to the meet by 6 am!

    Concession worker

    This person works in concessions area, helping with set up and the selling of the food.  Home meets only

    Computer Setup/ Manager                

    This person is very knowledgeable in the running of the Meet Manager program. You will need to be at the pool early to set-up the computer area. You will be giving some brief training to the data entry, reader, & runner on their specific jobs. At the end of the meet you will need to wrap up the meet by printing the ribbon labels and the meet results for each team.

    Heating Manager

    Responsible for ensuring the ready bench operates efficiently. You will be organizing & seeding the swimmers for their races. Reminder: you will always be able to leave to watch your own swimmers & please bring reading glasses if needed!  Previous experience required for this position. Home meets only       

    Heating, Training position

    Person new to tasks in heating area. This person will learn protocols for heating area.

    Computer & Call Board Runner                

    Person will collect timer sheets from the timers and take them to the computer people. They will also work with the head heating person to make sure the call board numbers are being updated appropriately. This job keeps you moving around at the poolside and the time passes quickly.

    Host/Hostess for Volunteers               

    Approx. every 30-45 minutes this person will bring drinks to the timers, heating area staff, computer staff, etc.

    Dismantling of the swim meet                               

    Dismantle and store meet equipment. Help with take down of snack bar equipment, tents, starting blocks, back stroke flags, and general cleaning of the pool area before it is opened to the public.


    Responsible for taking photographs at practices, swim meets, and team functions for team publicity purposes, web site, and/or newsletter use. Home and away meets.

    The Stingrays Swim Team is a parent run

    non-profit organization.

    It will not be possible to hold swim meets without

    all parents doing their part.

    Your help and support are required throughout

    the season.

    Thank you!

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